Lockitron has a Ship Date

Since our last update we’ve been tweaking our tools and getting everything ready to ship. As we get closer to shipment we will first go through a pre-production phase to produce a number of pilot Lockitrons on our production equipment. This run of units lets us ensure that every part of Lockitron - from the plastics and metals up through our circuit boards and software - work together.

Countdown to Lockitron

The last two weeks we have been bringing together all of the pieces and timetables for Lockitron. While some of the tooling for Lockitron has taken longer due to our mechanical improvements, we are very pleased with the finished product and happy to announce the ship date for the first batch of Lockitrons.


The first Lockitrons start shipping July 15th, 2013.

As the first batch of Lockitrons heads out the door, we will update your dashboard to reflect your estimated shipping window. You will have the chance to change your address up until a week before your unit is ready to ship.

Thank you for your support and patience over the last few months - we’re excited to bring Lockitron to your door!

Building Lockitron for Mobile

In the last few weeks we’ve made tremendous progress on the new version of the Android app. This app is a full rebuild from our first version that is currently in the Google Play store and now allows you to invite and manage virtual keys for family and friends

Over the next couple of weeks we will be onboarding beta testers to try out the app so we can fix the app’s bugs before shipment.

On the iOS front, version 2 of the Lockitron app is currently in the App Store. We’ll be pushing a couple more updates to this app before Lockitron is ready to ship. We encourage iPhone users to get the app set up today to use our “Check Compatibility” feature. It’s incredibly easy - just snap a couple of photos of your current door lock and we will let you know if you are ready to go with Lockitron.




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