Under the Hood with Electric Imp


We are excited to announce that inside of every Lockitron you will find an Electric Imp WiFi module. Electric Imp is a brilliant little device that looks like an SD Card but in fact contains a WiFi chip that dramatically simplifies getting Lockitron onto your network. Just enter your WiFi network information into the iPhone or Android Lockitron app and hold your phone’s screen up to the Lockitron.

Thanks to Electric Imp’s BlinkUp technology, your WiFi password and network information will be flashed from your phone’s screen onto your Lockitron. This means you will be able to set up your Lockitron directly from our iOS or Android apps.

The inclusion of WiFi means you can control your Lockitron from anywhere in the world with no clunky cables to mess with. Other WiFi chips require an awkward two-step set up process and are costly to develop for, but the Imp has been an absolute dream to work with and lets us provide you with the best possible experience when using your Lockitron.

Take a look at what the the terrific folks over at Electric Imp had to say.


We’ve removed our PCB (printed circuit board) housing to reveal the Electric Imp nestled in its SD-card slot. Below the Imp is our Bluetooth Low Energy chip. Not only does it look rad, the rainbow wire bundle makes Lockitron easier to visually inspect during assembly.

Featured in the Pack Store

Lockitron is now available to reserve in the Pack Store. The Pack Store is like the App Store, but for app-enabled hardware like Lockitron.

Since we already have your reservation on file, take a look at some of the other great app-enabled hardware in the Pack Store like the Pebble watch which we will be enabling you to use to unlock your door.


Stay tuned for our next update in two weeks on April 4thWe will be heading to China to get you an update on the creation of our injection molds.


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