Delivery Updates, Order Management Tools

It’s been a while since our last update and we wanted to give you the latest news on Lockitron’s progress.

Order Dashboard On the Way

We are currently working on a dashboard where you will be able to review your order as well as change your preferred Lockitron color.

Need to update your billing or shipping information?

Along with checking in on your color choice, our new dashboard will allow you to confirm your billing and shipping information. If you’ve had a credit card go missing or moved to a new place, don’t worry – we will let you change this information up until your unit is ready to ship.


Good News, Bad News, Good News

Bringing you the best possible Lockitron is a process of constant improvement. Since we last showed off Lockitron at CES, we have found ways to reduce friction in the mechanism that drives Lockitron’s unlocking and locking action.

The bad news is this requires a modification to the molds used in Lockitron’s motor housing. We have just heard back from the factory, and the official word is this will delay shipment by approximately 4 weeks. Our first run of Lockitron parts should be coming off the presses in mid-April and then shipped to the U.S. for quality control, final assembly, testing and packaging. 

While we hate to introduce any changes this close to release, we found this modification to be essential and will greatly increase Lockitron’s longevity and result in quieter operation. It has been a very hard decision for us to make, we hope you will understand that this short-term delay will pay dividends so you may continue to use your Lockitron for many years to come.

On a more positive note, the fantastic support we have received since our Selfstarter campaign closed in November has enabled us to upgrade our overall production capacity. We have since found a final assembly and fulfillment facility that can easily cope with the increased demand so we can now ship more Lockitrons more quickly. While we’re not thrilled to have a delayed start, we are very glad to have a bigger “engine.”

New Production Electronics

The manufacturing of our PCBs (or “printed circuit board”) and the final assembly of Lockitron will be done here in California. This will let us keep a close attention to the details during the final testing and packaging stages of each Lockitron, without needing to fly halfway around the world.


The brains of Lockitron, the PCBs, are in hand. For those folks who are more technically inclined, you can see our ATMega processor and buttons. Our Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi modules are located on the underside of this board.

Color Updates

Due to the different rate at which the various colors of Lockitrons take to cool in our mold and the additional calibration time incurred by switching between colors, we will be producing each color of Lockitron in its own run. Based on your feedback from the color survey, the first run of Lockitron units rolling off the line will be Obsidian Black, with the rest soon to follow.

Please look forward to our next update in two weeks on March 21st.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support – we’re incredibly excited to bring Lockitron to your door.


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