One Day Left to Reserve Lockitron for $149

Thank you for your phenomenal support over the last month - we’re now above $2 million in reservations and well on our way to bringing Lockitron to your door.

If you’ve been thinking about preordering a Lockitron, now is the best time! Reservations at $149 will close in a few hours, so head to our preorder page.

Over the last month we’ve been working hard on some incredible updates that we are pleased to announce today.

First, we are excited to show you that we are working on one of the first apps for the Pebble smart watch. Thanks to your Pebble, you will now be able to control your Lockitron straight from your wrist.

We’ve also started work on integrating Lockitron with IFTTT. IFTTT will connect Lockitron to your favorite services and devices. We love IFTTT because it is really powerful - IFTTT can tweet or send you a message if your door has been unlocked for too long. Thanks to integration with other devices like the Belkin Wemo, IFTTT can even turn on your lights when you come home.

Most importantly, Lockitron is opening up its cloud infrastructure for developers and makers to integrate and control their Lockitrons from anywhere thanks to its simple, straightforward API. If you are a developer, you can now integrate the full suite of Lockitron functionality into your own app, startup metric dashboard, or dream home automation setup. If you are a maker or hacker, you can now trick out how you get into the front door and blow your friends away with your fancy secret-knock detecting, wizard wand receiving, mind-control setup. 

Take a look at our awesome demo video where we show off the Pebble, IFTTT and more.

Lastly, stayed tuned for the television debut of the new Lockitron on Tech Toys 360 this fall - take a look at the sneak peek!


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