Oct 5, 2012

Production Updates

Thanks to all of our backers for pushing Lockitron beyond $1 million in reservations!  We’ve been working hard to get back to everyone and we thank you for your patience – we’re bringing in some help so we may answer your questions more quickly. 

As we noted yesterday, we have gone far past the original 1,000 Lockitrons we intended to make in the first run. We have been very careful to hold off from selling Lockitron in bulk or wholesale quantity to ensure that individual backers have a chance to get in.

We’ve been in touch with our manufacturing partner, and to ensure that we satisfy all the backers who have supported us already in a timely fashion, we are going to restrict the first batch of Lockitrons to 9,000 units. We’re planning to start shipping batch 1 in March. Once batch 1 fills up, we will open up pre-orders for batch 2. (Edit: batch 1 is now full. We have just opened pre-orders for batch 2.)

It will take us a few days to get a more accurate quote for the new production times, however we don’t anticipate batch 2 to begin shipping before May.

In the coming weeks we will be posting new pictures and videos of the Lockitron mechanism in action. We’ve had a lot of questions about compatibility - of course, if you discover that your door is unfortunately incompatible with Lockitron you can cancel your reservation.

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What is Lockitron?
Lockitron replaces your keys with your phone.

With Lockitron, you can instantly grant family, friends and guests access to your home or business from anywhere in the world using your internet enabled smartphone. For $179 and no monthly fees you can order a Lockitron that fits over your current deadbolt lock and can be installed in seconds.

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