Thank You: $500k of Reservations in One Day

We are incredibly humbled by all of the support and that we have seen for Lockitron over the past 24 hours. We’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s tweets, likes and posts - we apologize for any delays in our responses to your messages and questions. We’ll do our best to respond to all of your inquiries.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the big questions:

When do I get to choose a color?

We will be sending out an email that will allow you to confirm (or complete if it is missing) your address information as well as get your information for your color preference. We would like to give you the most accurate representation of what we will ship and we will include a bunch of photos then.

How big is Lockitron? Will it fit on my door?

Keep your lock photos coming, we promise to work through all of them before the end of reservations. Lockitron is intended to fit over a standard through-hole, cylindrical deadbolt - unfortunately this means styles of locks like mortises and dead-latches are not compatible. Interconnected cylindrical locks *may* be compatible, but you might need to do a bit more work.

The dimensions for the main housing of the unit are roughly 6.7” tall by 4.1” wide and 1.65” deep - the knob, of course sticks out a bit more. We will follow up with exact dimensions from our manufacturer here.

Of course if at anytime before we ship you find that you have ordered a Lockitron but it won’t work on your door you can cancel your order through Amazon Payments or order a deadbolt to install above your current lock. See our compatibility page for more help.

I had some trouble placing my order. Did you receive it?

We apologize for errors you may have received after placing your reservation. If you were able to submit your email address and proceed to Amazon, but then received an error after clicking “Confirmation”, we will contact you to confirm your shipping address.

If you received duplicate order emails or have duplicate reservations, you can control them from the “Edit my Account Settings” link in your Amazon Payments account.

When will later Lockitron reservations ship?

As we noted in our launch, we needed your help to put in a order for the first 1,000 units. Now that we are closing towards 5,000 reservations we’re getting some questions on when later units will arrive. We will be in touch manufacturing partners to get a better estimate on when units will ship. We will work through orders on a first come first served basis. Again, we won’t charge your card until your unit is ready to ship.

How are you making Lockitron?

We’ve been working closely with a renowned innovation and design firm who helps bring products for Fortune 500 companies to market to create and source the new Lockitron - they typically design products that end up in the hands of millions of customers. We will be keeping you updated on the production process here.

Are you selling Lockitron to distributors?

Our energies are focused first and foremost on getting Lockitron to our individual supporters, however, if you are interested in wholesaling or distributing lock, then please contact us through our distributors page.


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