Mar 5, 2012

Lockitron Android App Now Available

The wait is over! Android Lockitron users can now download the native Lockitron application. Featuring our NFC technology, the Lockitron Android app allows you to quickly access any of your Lockitron keys.

We like the app because it loads significantly faster then our mobile website. While we recommend the app for handsets running Android 2.3+, it is compatible with Android 2.2 phones as well. To download the app, head over to the Android Marketplace.

For those of you with NFC enabled handsets, we are currently working on putting together an initial batch of NFC tags to send out. All Lockitron orders that noted an NFC handset will automatically receive their NFC tags - if you didn’t mention NFC in your order, simply drop us a line at and we will get you set up!

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What is Lockitron?
Lockitron replaces your keys with your phone.

With Lockitron, you can instantly grant family, friends and guests access to your home or business from anywhere in the world using your internet enabled smartphone. For $179 and no monthly fees you can order a Lockitron that fits over your current deadbolt lock and can be installed in seconds.

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