Update on Lockitron Assembly - Firmware and Web Upgrades

Over the past two weeks we’ve been working on a large batch of Lockitrons. The initial assembly phases - including verifying Lockitron’s gearbox and soldering Lockitron’s ribbon cable into place - have taken most of our available assembly capacity. Once units are fully assembled, we divert our assembly capacity to packing out Lockitron units. This batch include units for backers 9,500-10,500 which should be ready starting tomorrow.

As we continue to send Lockitrons out the door we wa to once again thank you for your continued support through our manufacturing journey. We’re committed to bringing Lockitron to your door as soon as possible. We’ve had some folks note that their order was skipped - this might be the case if there was an issue charging your card, so make sure to verify payment succeeded via the Lockitron dashboard and let us know if your order was missed.

All new Lockitrons shipping out include our soft rubber insert, noted in one of our previous updates. This rubber insert fits over a greater variety of locks than our hard rubber insert and can easily be trimmed if needed. It also minimizes the chances that Lockitron will jam if not correctly installed. We’re still including an extra hard rubber insert in the outer packaging as we believe that in some cases - for instance if your lock has a small thumbturn - this insert may still be better.

The Latest on Lockitron Firmware & Web Upgrades

Web Dashboard Updates

Last week we pushed out a number of notable updates to the Lockitron web dashboard. These include:

  • Information about when a WiFi command is expected to go through
  • The ability to cancel a pending WiFi command
  • Information about Lockitron’s firmware update progress
  • Information about Wifi disconnects and low battery alerts

Firmware Updates

Since our last major firmware update we’ve been working on a few bugs that have cropped up where Lockitron’s state will get out of sync with the mobile apps or dashboard. We’re also investigating a bug where Lockitron’s Bluetooth module fails to “advertise” the correct lock information. This is an important bug to track down it impacts the mobile apps ability to locate and connect to Lockitrons.

Additionally we are working to extend the time that Lockitron remains online after a door knock, which gives you more time to send through a WiFi lock or unlock command. We are currently testing these changes and expect to have them ready later this week.

Queued to Backer #10,000, New Bluetooth, Better Logging

Today we’ve hit a milestone and have queued to backer 10,000. The last batch of these units will head out later this week!

We restarted our assembly line and learned that our testing regimen had to be adapted for our new circuit boards. While these circuit boards are the same as all other previous PCBs, we had to resolve issues around testing these boards with our new firmware.

Additionally a large number of queued deadbolts are heading out the door. These include the new finishes of deadbolts like Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The New Lockitron Bluetooth Stack

In the past two weeks we have pushed out the new Lockitron Bluetooth stack as a mandatory update for all units. If Bluetooth on your Lockitron stopped working in the last week or so, your update may have failed. Not to worry, however, as we’ve now added new controls that let you initiate updates on your own via the Locktiron dashboard. We’re also now posting detailed information about all of our releases in the Locktiron Community -take a look!

Here’s what our new Bluetooth helps with:

  • More consistent connectivity on iOS and Android
  • Better security when communicating over Bluetooth
  • Logging which Bluetooth user carried out a specific command
  • Compatibility with our Sense beta builds

Our latest iOS and Android apps support this protocol and should connect more reliably. We have a pending iOS app release which should resolve one bug in which the app keeps Lockitron awake by connecting to Bluetooth in the background. If your Lockitron app seems to be connecting Lockitron over Bluetooth in the background, we recommend turning off Bluetooth to preserve Lockitron’s batteries. Build 2.2.3 is current awaiting review by the App Store.

Better Logging, Better State

Along with the new Bluetooth protocol we’ve also updated our firmware and web app to ensure that regardless of whether a lock command is sent via web or Bluetooth, you will see the appropriate log event. ”Locked by hand” events will remain for events that take place via traditional key or by physically turning the knob.

Additionally, we have resolved an issue where “handedness” (whether your lock turns clockwise or counter-clockwise to lock) wouldn’t be set properly as well as created a new “WiFi disconnected” log event. This log event indicates that your Lockitron disconnected unexpectedly. If you see this more than once it may be due to poor WiFi connectivity which can be caused by having your router too close or too far away from Lockitron. See our help documentation for more details.

We are splitting our firmware into major and minor releases. “Major” releases will automatically push to all users. For the “minor” firmware releases, your device will not be automatically updated. To get these updates, head to the settings page for your Lockitron in the dashboard and select “Reflash Firmware”. We also now display your Lockitron’s current firmware version number as well as battery voltage information here.

Shipment Updates, iOS App Release and Upcoming Bug Fixes

This week we received additional circuit boards at our local production facility. As mentioned in previous update, these circuit boards should take us through backer number 12,000. We’ll be assembling them into Lockitrons as quickly as possible and expect to queue through backer 9,500 by the end of this week.

iOS Update in App Store; Bug Fixes on the Way

Last week version 2.2.1 of the Lockitron iOS app finally landed in the App Store. Full release notes and bug reports from users can be found on the Lockitron Community topic. While the new app release solves a number of bugs, a few cropped up including blocking update screens and excess sleep notification screens (even when connected over Bluetooth).

We quickly followed up and submitted version 2.2.2 of the Lockitron iOS app for approval to solve a number of the new bugs that cropped up. One of the more frustrating ones is that the Lockitron app appears to log you out after multiple launches. If you’re experiencing this today, there are a couple of quick workarounds including force quitting and reloading the app (rather than having to type your email and password in again) or waiting 2-5 seconds at which point the app should properly log you in.

If you’re having trouble because a stuck update screen, let us know and we can help sort it out.

Updating Lockitrons to Our New Bluetooth Protocol

With updates to our iOS and Android apps finally in place, we’re just about ready to push out the last piece which will switch on Lockitron’s new Bluetooth protocol and pave the way for Sense. We are working to update all Lockitrons sometime later this week. At the moment we’re doing some last minute preparations to ensure that we catch units which fail during the update.

The update won’t impact controlling Lockitron over WiFi except for a momentarily downtime of 1-3 minutes. If you open up the Lockitron iOS or Android app during this portion of the upgrade you will see an update dialog reflecting the update progress. We will keep everyone posted on when this update goes through via the Lockitron Community.

Shipment Updates, Sense Progress, Battery Information

Things have humming along on the software side at Lockitron HQ. While we’re still waiting for a pending iOS release to complete review with Apple, we just pushed out our new Android build in preparation for our mass firmware update. This Android build contains our new Bluetooth protocol and is expected to be our last update before a preview build with Sense is ready.

We’ve had a hiccup in unit production while waiting for additional electronic components to come in and have been holding at backer 9,000. A large quantity of circuit boards is currently in production and we expect them to be complete in 1-2 weeks. These circuit boards should take us through roughly backer 12,000 (into the September estimates), with a subsequent run of circuit boards following for September units.

While we stock a thousands of the difficult to source and expensive components for Lockitron (our WiFi and Bluetooth components for example), a few other parts now have longer lead times than we budgeted for based on lead times we’ve experience in the past.

Sense: Progress on iOS and Android

While we have been waiting on app store approval for our latest iOS build (which will solve numerous bugs and improve Bluetooth connectivity), we’ve forged ahead with work onSense. In a previous update we demonstrated Sense on an Android test app - since that time we’ve integrated Sense into test builds of both our Android and iOS apps.

Sense is predicated on our new, more robust Bluetooth implementation which is only currently running on internal test units. Once our iOS app is released (and firmware updated), we will quickly follow up with a beta build of Sense for Android. Releasing the iOS beta build will take a little longer as we’re still implementing some of the views (think of these as “pages” in the app) necessary to calibrate Sense with your phone.

Battery Emails and Better Power Management

The Lockitron web app has been updated behind the scenes with a number of bug fixes as well as other improvements. One important new feature is low battery notifications via email. While not quite perfect yet, this notification should give you a heads up when it’s time to replace you batteries. One of the tricky factors here was ensuring that we catch low battery conditions for Lithium or Alkaline batteries.

Tip: When replacing your batteries in Lockitron, always ensure to use a fresh set. Steer clear of rechargeable batteries which have trouble supplying sufficient current under high loads.

Dynamic Power Management

We’ve spent the last several months focused on ensuring that Lockitron’s Bluetooth experience is instantaneous and rock solid to ensure we pave the way for Sense. With much of this ground work in place we’ve taken some time to ensure better power management is on our roadmap.

One aspect of this will include a new power saving mode that you can enable for your Lockitron if you’re away for an extended period. You will still receive event driven information from Lockitron immediately - i.e. state changes, when an activity is carried out - however, the periodic wake interval will be extended, greatly extending battery life.

Additionally, we’ve begun work on waking Lockitron’s WiFi connectivity more adaptively based on when you are most likely to use Lockitron. This will help improve battery life as well as Lockitron’s responsiveness when you’re most likely to use it. We’ll keep you posted as we make progress!

Bug fixes, Queued to backer #9,000, New API

This week we’ve queued to backer 9,000, just shy of our goal of 9,500. We’ve received new components such as the ribbon cables mentioned in previous updates, and are waiting on additional electronic parts to produce more Lockitron circuit boards. We’ll keep everyone updated as to how this impacts our shipping schedule.

As promised in our last update, your Lockitron dashboard should now be up to date with our estimate for your shipping timeframe. Folks who used to be in the “April” batch should see their Lockitrons this month or early next. The “May” batch has been divided across this Fall from September-November.

Upcoming Bug Fix - Bluetooth Activities

Folks who have received their Lockitrons may have noticed something a bit quirky - lock and unlock commands sent over Bluetooth are currently reported in the activity log as “by hand”. This is the same activity log that we use to report when the state of Lockitron has been changed by hand or physical key.

In our next firmware update we will be passing up data about the keyholder who carried out the action over Bluetooth. This fix means Bluetooth and web lock and unlock commands will report the correct user carrying out the action, an important feature especially if you would like set up different triggers for users using Lockitron’s APIwebhooks.

Bluetooth Update: What’s the holdup!?

Over the past six weeks we’ve been working on, testing and finalizing a major Bluetooth update across Lockitron’s firmware, Android and iOS apps. The firmware and Android apps are production ready and waiting to head out the door.

After beta testing and debugging our iOS app, we are currently awaiting final approval from the App Store to release our new build. Besides updates to our Bluetooth protocol that make communicating with Lockitron rock solid, this build includes new status dialogs and solves a few bugs.

Why does everything need to be released at once?

The firmware on Lockitron can only accomodate one version of the Lockitron Bluetooth protocol which means that the moment a Lockitron is updated, the Android and iOS apps need to also be able to speak that new protocol. We’ve taken the precaution to ensure that the Android and iOS apps will still communicate in the old Bluetooth protocol as well as the new protocol to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Lockitron v2 API Publicly Available

The Lockitron API (application interface) allows for complete control over your Lockitron in a secure fashion outside of the Lockitron app. This means that partners we’re working with like IFTTT can add Lockitron functionality directly to their apps (i.e. lock my door when I turn off my lights). We recently launched version 2 of our API and it includes a few new parameters that allow for more control over the new Lockitron. These parameters include:

  • Handedness: set Lockitron’s handedness; this is whether or not Lockitron locks or unlocks when turned clockwise.
  • Sleep interval: set a custom sleep interval for Lockitron in seconds (careful - anything below 1800 will significantly impact battery life).
  • Update AVR firmware: update Lockitron’s primary firmware to the latest version
  • Update BLE firmware: update the firmware related to Lockitron’s Bluetooth connectivity (note - if your device is missing a license key, updating the BLE firmware will unfortunately not help; contact us at support@lockitron.com if you’re having Bluetooth connectivity issues)
  • Cancel Pending Requests: if you’ve sent a pending request to a Lockitron that is sleeping, you can now cancel that request before Lockitron wakes up.

We’re also looking at including the ability to calibrate your Lockitron through the API including turning Lockitron further and with more power. If you’re having issues with how far Lockitron turns today, let us know and we can get you set up with our beta calibration settings page.

Updated Estimates, Queued to backer #7,500, New Inserts

We’ve passed a milestone as backer 7,500 will have their Lockitron shipped this week - this is on track with our goals from our last update. This marks the halfway point through our original campaign orders from October 2012!

We’re now pleased to share revised estimates for when Lockitrons will head out the door for our later backers. Based on our assembly and shipping progress over the past two months, these estimates factor in the timely replenishment of our component stocks such as ribbon cables and circuit boards. We’re working to get these estimates into the Lockitron dashboard - in the meantime we’ve included notes on what your current estimate indicates about when your unit will ship.

  • March Estimates: Complete! If you’re in this batch and haven’t received Lockitron yet, check your inbox for emails concerning address or payment information that needs to be updated.
  • April Estimates: We’re presently working through April estimates which will take us past backer 12,000. We expect to complete April estimates in roughly four to five weeks (thus April estimates are now “August 2014”).
  • May Estimates: The first May estimates should begin shipping in September and continue through October. We will work on updating these estimates in the dashboard to reflect which month you can expect your unit in (“September 2014 or October 2014”).

If you were not part of our original crowdfunding campaign or don’t have an estimate listed in your dashboard then your order will be heading out in October (after those with May estimates).

A Better Fit for Your Deadbolt

Over the past few months we have been playing with alternate formulations for Lockitron’s adapter insert. This is a tricky process. Too soft and Lockitron cannot get a firm enough grip on your lock, too firm and the rubber insert may create a braking force which makes your lock difficult to turn.

Our new insert formulation has been developed to be more pliant and flexible. With the newer, softer composite, Lockitron is able to fit on a wider variety of locks and drive with more force without jamming than with our previous model of insert.

In a previous update we made 3D insert models of the rubber insert available fordownload and customization. If you would like to print a version of the rubber insert that conforms exactly to your deadbolt’s knob, this is the best option. Alternatively, you can easily trim the included rubber insert using scissors or pliers to best match you deadbolt’s knob.

Lockitron at DEF CON 22

Every year, the world’s best and brightest hackers take refuge from the scorching Nevada sun at the Rio resort in Las Vegas. This involves a week of conferences starting with Black Hat and culminating with DEF CON.

Should you find yourself in Las Vegas this week, come visit the TOOOL and Wireless Village workshops were a few members of the Lockitron team will be bouncing back and forth. Who knows, if you’ve got the skillz to hack the planet you may just walkaway with a Lockitron to boot…

Follow us on Twitter for whereabouts or just to give us a shout!

Deadbolts, Shipments and Upcoming iOS Build

Backer 5,500 will have their Lockitron shipped this week, just shy of the 6,000 we were working towards (which we will be queueing to by the end of the week). 

We recently received replacement components from our factory in China for units which previously failed quality control tests due to easily solvable failures such as noisy gearboxes or poorly crimped battery box wires. These parts will allow us to continue building more units while we wait for another component which was delayed for two weeks, the ribbon cable between Lockitron’s switches and circuit board. We’re working to ship to backer 7,500 by our next update.

New iOS Build in the Works

Along with the new Bluetooth protocol that we discussed in the last update, the Lockitron iPhone app will be getting a few big updates in the next release - here are the details:

  • New Bluetooth Stack: The new iOS build includes our brand new Bluetooth stack, mentioned in the last update. This new version will ensure that your device consistently and reliably connects to Lockitron.
  • Cancel Pending Requests: If you’ve unintentionally sent through a pending request to lock or unlock your door, you will now be able to cancel it before completion.
  • Fix Contact Bug Crash: Seen with users who have more than 700 contacts who are trying to invite guests, this latest build of the app solves the problem.
  • Firmware Update Information:When Lockitron is updating its firmware (and non-responsive to remote or local commands) the iOS app will now display a progress dialog.

We’re working to beta test this build now and submit it to the for App Store approval later this week. Our current build of the Android app already includes a number of these features and will be upgraded to include the Bluetooth stack changes as well.

Replacing Your Deadbolt? Match Your Hardware

In our last update we asked folks to drop us a line if you had not received a Schlage deadbolt - it turns out it was quite a few of you. We held off on shipping a number of units because of something we’re really excited about: you can now more closely match the Schlage tapered deadbolt to the finish of your door. We now offer nine finishes including traditional ones like Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

If you previously added a Schlage tapered deadbolt to your order but have not yet paid for the lock, simply head to the Lockitron Dashboard and select “Add” (head to our support page for more information). The order confirmation email and payment information for Schlage tapered deadbolts is managed outside of your dashboard, so make sure to keep this on hand. If you’ve paid for your unshipped Schlage deadbolt but would like to change the finish, let us know and we will help make the change.

We expect a lead time of 4-6 weeks for these deadbolts, however, we still have Satin Nickel deadbolts in stock. The new finishes of deadbolts are $39 including free shipping within the United States. You can now also order as many Schlage tapered deadbolts as needed if you would like to match your hardware across several doors.

Want Your New Deadbolt to Use Your Old Key? Here’s How

If you purchased one of our tapered Schlage deadbolts, there is a good chance you can make it work with your current house keys provided your old locks are Schlage or Baldwin brand. A quick way to check compatibility is to try and insert your old key into the new lock. If you can’t insert your old key at all then you are out of luck, however if it goes in (but fails to turn) than any Home Depot or Lowe’s can “rekey” your new lock to work with your old keys for a flat fee of about $5.

The process is very simple, an employee at the store removes the tumbler from the lock casing (shown above), replaces the pins with ones that are compatible with your old key, and checks that the lock turns smoothly. You will need to provide the store with your new lock, the new keys that it came with, and your old key you would like them to match it to. You should be in and out in about 10 minutes.

The Lockitron to our 4,000th backer will be heading out this week and we’re queueing more orders from the April batch. After isolating a few more quality control issues we’re hoping to pick up momentum towards backer 6,000th in the next couple of weeks. Our latest QC procedures include extra checks to ensure screws on Lockitron’s faceplate aren’t overtightened as well as verify the battery box is properly terminated to Lockitron’s circuit board.

Missing Your Schlage Deadbolt?

If you ordered and paid for a Schlage deadbolt that hasn’t shipped yet, drop us a line. We’re working to identify orders where deadbolts have not shipped out. Based on our current order queueing system, the tapered deadbolts and Lockitrons will arrive separately for most backers. We are working to ensure you get your deadbolt first so you don’t have to wait to set up your Lockitron.

Update on Lockitron Calibration

We have successfully been testing the Lockitron calibration page with a number of our users. This page allows you to calibrate your Lockitron to turn further or with more power if you are having issues. We will be adding this page to the Lockitron web dashboard soon, however, let us know if Lockitron is having trouble turning your deadbolt and we can get you set up with it right away.

Bolstering Bluetooth

The last few weeks we have been rewriting major portions of the Lockitron firmware and our mobile apps for a better Bluetooth experience. A recent Android app release added a small Bluetooth icon in the bottom corner to indicate when the app successfully connects to Lockitron.

Our v2 Bluetooth protocol has been built from the ground up to be far more consistent in connecting Lockitron and the mobile apps as well as more reliable once connected. This means Lockitron will work always connect instantly when you’re within range.

If your unit is having trouble with Bluetooth out of the box, please reach out - we would be more than happy to help; typically a quick firmware update will solve the issue.

A Note on WiFi Connectivity

The folks at Electric Imp, the company that provides WiFi connectivity for Lockitron, are working towards an update that should help when Lockitron’s WiFi chip has a problem and disconnects unexpectedly. This can lead to issues where Lockitron’s state becomes out of sync with what’s reflected in the mobile and web apps. If you’re having trouble setting up WiFi, take a look at our WiFi troubleshooting video; if your Lockitron doesn’t seem to respond to WiFi commands consistently after being set up the first time take a look at our WiFi help page.

Sense Preview

We’ve included a sneak peek at Lockitron’s upcoming Sense functionality. We’re currently testing Sense in-house with a special test app before integrating it directly into our iOS and Android apps.

Our upgrades to Lockitron’s Bluetooth protocol are required before Sense will work consistently - stay tuned for more details on Sense in the coming weeks! The video below shows Sense triggering Lockitron on a Nexus 5 running our test app in the background (and in Cameron’s pocket!).

If you would like a variant of Sense today, reach out and we will get you set up with the preview IFTTT channel where you set up a geolocation trigger for Lockitron.

New Android Build in the Play Store, Shipping to April Estimates

A typo in our last email promised our update a bit earlier than our usual Thursday newsletter, however, we’ve made great progress and are glad to send out the news sooner. We recently shipped Lockitron to our 3,000th backer and we’ve queued more orders from the April batch this week - we’re working to queue our 4,000th backer within the next week or two. If you’re in the March estimate and your unit hasn’t shipped, send us a message and we would be happy to help.

More Moxie for your Loxi(tron)!

Out of the box Lockitrons arrive calibrated to turn most locks with enough force and with far enough to fully lock or unlock. Some deadbolts (like certain Kwikset models) may need a bit more torque to turn faster or to turn a bit further. We’ve been working on testing these new calibration settings for the past several weeks as well as building a new support page to walk you through setting them to the right levels for your specific lock. 

After some helpful feedback from initial users, we’re releasing Lockitron’s calibration settings in beta - we still need a bit more help to ensure the support page works as expected. If your Lockitron has trouble turning or doesn’t turn all the way drop us a line and we can walk you through the new settings. We are working on a backlog of support tickets at the moment, so if you’ve reached out previously about your Lockitron not turning far enough and are waiting for a response, hang tight and we will get back as soon as possible.

Lastly, if you have any trouble during the set up process of your Lockitron we’re happy to coordinate a time for a phone call or Facetime call to quickly diagnose what’s going on. We’re working to keep our FAQ pages up to date with as much information as possible, however, sometimes it’s easiest for us to take a look at your lock, whether throw photos or video.

 Hot Off the Presses: New Android App

Thank you to everyone who helped us test multiple builds of the Android beta app. We’ve added a few awesome new features and solved quite a few bugs in the process.Today we were incredibly pleased to deploy version 2.1.0 (build 17) of the Lockitron Android app to the Google Play store. This update includes:

  • Controlling Lockitron over Bluetooth Low Energy (no knocking to send commands when in proximity, known to support Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note 3)
  • A new support page with the ability to reset Lockitron’s WiFi settings
  • New messaging about when Lockitron commands are anticipated to go through
  • Bug fix that was causing Lockitron to crash when running with “ART” enabled
  • Information on when Lockitron is performing a firmware update

If your Lockitron is not connecting over Bluetooth Low Energy, take a look at our FAQ page on Bluetooth or download an independent Bluetooth scanning app to see if your Lockitron’s Bluetooth is working correctly. Support may need to help with a remote firmware update to your Lockitron’s Bluetooth module if the scanner app is unable to detect it.

For both our iOS and Android apps we’re making good progress on Sense as well as additional notifications. We have a new iOS build in testing that includes bug fixes as well as additional status messages.

Firmware Updates

Since the beginning of the year we’ve pushed out over sixteen firmware updates to improve battery life, add connectivity and drive Lockitron with more control. Our latest one should help with a number of issues we’ve been seeing around “handedness” being improperly set after an update (whether your Lockitron turns clockwise to lock or unlock) as well as the state reported after Lockitron has been sleeping or reset.

We’re working on stability improvements for Lockitron’s Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure that both the iOS and Android apps connect quickly and consistently. These improvements help pave the way for Sense as well aid with more intelligent power management (that means better battery life!).

Shipping! Android! IFTTT!

The last few weeks have seen a lot of progress at Lockitron HQ and our assembly facility. We’re closing in on completing our shipments for folks with the March estimate and moving onto those with the April estimate. Make sure to verify that your lock is compatible with Lockitron before your unit ships.

With every batch that we ship out we’re fine tuning our quality control, creating new procedures and test fixtures where we’ve seen issues. March backers - hang tight if you haven’t received your unit, it will be heading out very soon; April backers, you’re up next and should see queueing notifications over the next several weeks; May backers, we’re making a lot of progress and will keep you posted on when we can give you a firm estimate.

For our backers with units waiting on our upcoming calibration settings, hang tight. We’re currently building the last portion of our web interface and expect to release it very soon. If you have a pending support ticket open for a lock that doesn’t unlock or lock quite right, we will follow up once available. These settings should help with non-Schlage locks as well as those with extra play or are a bit sticky to turn.

Android Bluetooth Low Energy Beta

We’re thrilled to announce that we now have a beta build of the Lockitron app with Bluetooth Low Energy! If you’re one of the folks on our developer and beta list, then you should have received an invite to the beta at the beginning of this week. While this build doesn’t include Sense functionality just yet, it does mean that Android users with Bluetooth Low Energy won’t need to knock to wake up their Lockitrons when sending local commands.

Additionally this build brings the Android app to feature parity with our iOS app including new sleep and update notifications as well as a link to our support section.

If you aren’t on the developer and beta list, sign up and we will get you set up with the beta link.

This is big step forward - for both iOS and Android users, Lockitron will now respond instantaneously to your local commands, paving the way for Sense integration in both apps. For iOS users we have an update in the pipeline and are currently testing a beta build as well, stay tuned!

Help Us Test IFTTT Integration!

We’ve been working with the fantastic folks over at IFTTT to integrate Lockitron as a channel. IFTTT (If this then that) is a fantastic service that lets you carry out actions in response to triggers. For instance, you can use IFTTT to send you an email anytime Lockitron is unlocked. Or you can use it to link with other connected devices like the Belkin Wemo and Quirky Spotter. Every time Lockitron is locked you can make sure to turn off your Belkin Wemo-connected lamps. IFTTT has an incredible number of triggers and actions including social services like Twitter and Facebook as well as generic ones like time of day, SMS and even weather!

Our IFTTT channel isn’t public yet, however if you would like to test it (with a real or virtual Lockitron), drop us a line and start creating awesome Lockitron+IFTTT recipes.

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